This course has been cancelled for the mentioned date as nobody signed up for the mentioned course. We are soon coming up with two other courses:

  1. Document translation training of six months for professionals and students. &

  2. Spoken English training focused on pronunciation and diction only for one and half months.

    The date of commencement has not been fixed, and we are ready to begin as soon as the required number fulfills for each course (minimum six for each course). If you want to get further information about these courses, please call: 9818970186.

    Thank you !

If you landed on this page through the Facebook advertisement and if you plan to join the Speaking English Classes starting August 1 (Tuesday), please pay the fees to the following account and send us a voucher to book your spot. If you want to enquire further about the course either send a message on the facebook page or send us a whatsapp message on +9779818970186. You can make the payments at:

Laxmi Sunrise Bank Limited

Account Name: Shabdik Pvt Ltd

Account Number: 0711008629

Please save the voucher and send the screenshot by Whatsapp on 9818970186. Call to join a trial class today evening (Jul 31, Monday)

If you are not satisfied, money back guarantee within the first 10 days of joining.

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a computer keyboard and mouse on a desk

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a person working on a machine

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